• Constellation Clearsight

  • role creative direction, web design, print design
  • agency Media Proper

Constellation Clearsight needed their marketing materials to better conform with their parent company’s brand. The project consisted of a redesign of their website, and also the creation of a number of print and digital assets for utilization by the sales department.

website design

During the website redesign my role consisted of leading the creative direction and design process, and also coding the finishing touches of the presentation layer.

Constellation Clearsight website design and development

passive video

To captivate visitors from the moment they land on the home page, I hand-picked different video clips with elements of interest, creating a sequence. By weaving these videos together, I crafted a seamless, looping passive background video for the hero area. This artistically conveyed the narrative of the services Constellation Clearsight offers.

professional web designer

responsive design

By employing flexible layouts and fluid design elements, the site was built to seamlessly reshape itself, providing an optimal user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This methodology enhances accessibility and also reinforces a consistent brand image while eliminating the need for multiple versions of a website.

Constellation Clearsight responsive website design
Constellation Clearsight about page iPhone website design

high-gloss overview pages

Generation and Transmission & Distribution Inspection Services

high-gloss sales sheet design for the power industry

sales sheet

Elios 2 RAD Drone Inspection Services Overview

marketing sales sheet design

After completing this strategic overhaul, Constellation Clearsight successfully harmonized their marketing materials with the brand essence of their parent company. The seamless integration of a refined website redesign and a curated collection of print and digital assets empowered their sales department with the tools needed to forge deeper connections and drive tangible results.

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