• role creative direction, web design, development
  • agency Media Proper

PATUGA, a new company that crafts pendant neckwear showcasing bullion pieces minted from around the world, was in need of a new website to accompany their newly designed logo. My role was to lead the design initiative and also assist in the development of the website.

website design

The home page design was centered around showcasing the product’s versatility. We employed three distinct images that captured the neckwear in various styles, underlining its adaptability to different occasions and outfits.

PATUGA custom jewelry webssite design

The Myth & Magic limited edition collection is a fusion of imagination and artistry. The series presents three distinct designs—Mermaid, Dragon, and Pegasus—each meticulously rendered from bullion pieces. These were prominently featured on the home page so users could easily click through and start customizing their necklace.

PATUGA custom jewelry website design

customize your look

One challenge was being able to demonstrate to visitors the adaptability of the necklace. Pendants can be effortlessly switched between an array of colored frames and neckbands to curate a look that resonates with your style. The pendants also ingeniously latch onto each other, allowing you to experiment with different lengths.

product configurator

Using WooCommerce in tandem with a product variation plugin, the product page template was designed and developed by integrating a range of customization features. To guarantee smooth navigation through the options, a master product template was meticulously designed in Photoshop to accommodate the many variations seamlessly.

archive pages

In shaping the Collections page, a striking photograph of a model outfitted with one of the pieces was complemented by a visually captivating text treatment and a short introduction.

wordpress custom jewelry collection web design
Aries Necklace mobile product archive page design

With a high attention to detail, PATUGA was delivered a stunning and highly functional website. The site not only showcases the versatility of the product, but also provides an immersive and captivating experience for visitors to create their own unique necklaces.

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