• Pincus Family Foundation

  • role creative direction, web design
  • agency Media Proper

The Pincus Family Foundation wanted their website redesigned to be more playful, with the goal of putting more focus on their Partner Projects, and also providing comprehensive information about the qualifications and requirements for the grant application process.

website design

Throughout the website redesign project, my role consisted of guiding the creative direction and design process, while also implementing the final touches of coding for the presentation layer.

foundation and organization website designer

passive video

In order to draw visitors into the site from the moment they land on the home page, a series of videos were utilized to highlight the four Areas of Interest that the foundation supports. This seamless, looping passive background video, is creatively used to narrate and emphasize the foundation’s focal points.

For the Well-Being of Children
For the Well-Being of Children

areas of interest

Pincus Family Foundation centers its efforts on four distinct Areas of Interest: Creative & Performing Arts, Education, Health & Wellness, and Play & Recreation. To enhance user experience, we strategically color-coded each area during the design phase, ensuring that every section features a distinctive and corresponding hue.

Areas of Interest
Equitable Access to Education

partner projects

After establishing the color-codes for the Areas of Interest, we extended them to the many different projects that the foundation supports.

Partner Project info and filters

partner spotlight

We also built a Partner Spotlight section of the website that leveraged the partner Custom Post Type. This allowed us to keep all partner data within one record for easy additions, updates, and imports.

Partner Spotlight
Partner Project Education

interactive map

It was important to the foundation that we found a way to illustrate the many different places the Founders traveled, so we designed an interactive map to show related diary entries from specific destinations.

Pincus Travels

Upon project completion, Pincus Family Foundation was presented with a website that playfully and creatively met their aspirations and requirements.

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