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SimplyPut required a new logo and a revitalized website. After a comprehensive grasp of their objectives, target audience, and service spectrum, we began our collaboration. My role included the design and creative direction of the new brand identity and website.

logo design

During the logo design process, various approaches were explored to try and capture the essence of simplicity. After trying to use an icon in addition to the text, it felt unnecessary and tried to tell a story. Consequently, my focus shifted to different uses of punctuation, such as commas, colons, or other symbols to convey continuation.

simplyput logo concept sketch
simplyput logo concept sketch

After more consideration, I opted for a period instead of a suggestive character, as it embodies simplicity and represents the end of a declarative sentence. To add a unique touch, I transformed the square dot of the “i” and the period into circles to differentiate from the chosen font.

simplyput. logo design

Following the KISS theory, I designed a simple, catchy logo that the company is excited to use on their new marketing material and swag.


While choosing a typeface, I wanted a simple font that didn’t have unique embellishments. I explored a number of condensed and slab fonts, but it seemed like they still weren’t the right fit. So I fell back on one of my favorite old design quotes, “When in doubt, go to Hel.!”

helvetica neue bold

Helvetica Neue Bold font
Helvetica Neue Bold

website design

Focusing on the hero area of the home page, I explored ideas that included an animated origami pieces as well as puzzle pieces coming together. Ultimately, we chose a full screen takeover with custom styles applied to particles.js. This helped convey the message of transformation, the supply chain, and organization.


To help attract new potential employees, we created a Career Opportunities section of the website using Custom Post Types that allows the team at SimplyPut to manage open positions and accept resumes and cover letters.

web design media pa
simplyput wordpress website design

After successfully wrapping up the project, SimplyPut had everything they needed to expand on their new and improved look, and feel confident about their brand image.

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