• UPenn GRASP Laboratory

  • role creative direction, web design, development
  • agency Media Proper

GRASP Laboratory, a research center within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania required a new website that reflected the University’s well established brand. The new site needed to be well organized and easy to navigate, and to serve as a valuable resource for the various user personas.

website design

My role encompassed the formulation of wireframes for content organization and structure, leading the design process, and refining the front-end code to optimize the user experience.

UPenn GRASP Laboratory website design

by the numbers

It was important for the GRASP team to highlight the amount of people who make up the laboratory, so we designed a counter on the home page that automatically updated based on the record count of PhD Students, ROBO MSE Students, and GRASP Faculty.

University oof Pennsylvania GRASP Lab wordpress website design
University oof Pennsylvania GRASP Lab wordpress website design

faculty pages

One of the features of the GRASP website is that faculty pages were designed to show all of the aggregated data related to each respective faculty member, effortlessly displaying their related Work, News, and Students.

university wordpress faculty directory
faculty advisors website page design

research areas

Icons were designed for the various Research Areas, and faculty were tagged with their related areas which was then seamlessly extended to their bio page for quick visual representation.

research areas wordpress web design
research area icon design

research groups

In addition to linking faculty to their respective Research Areas, they were also associated with individual Research Groups they lead. The Research Group page template was designed to display relevant information about the group, and also dynamic content including People, Projects, and News so visitors had quick access to pertinent information.

university wordpress web design
research group web design

At the completion of the project, we delivered a site that guides users through a seamless navigation experience, facilitating the discovery of pertinent information related to ongoing research topics. The website also responsively aligns with the university’s brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive representation while empowering visitors to delve into a wealth of information.

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